Raleigh fun!

I'm pretty lucky that my job at Port City Java brings me to different places. The spot I get to work from the most (outside of Wilmington) is Raleigh, North Carolina. I spend my work day at North Carolina State University, working with all the great people who operate the PCJ locations on campus. When my work day is over, I get a little freedom to go around Raleigh, visit with friends, eat great food, and even have a drink sometimes! This visit was unique. My parents had a day trip of their owned planned, so we got together after my work was finished for a bite to eat. The restaurant they chose was just a few blocks from the workplace of one of my best friends, so I surprised her with an iced latte from Devolve (one of my favorite spots on Glenwood South). We spent the rest of the afternoon hopping around Raleigh, ending up at lucettegrace for snacks. Let me tell you... this patisserie is phenomenal. The macarons are incredible and the rest of their menu is top notch. I cannot wait for my next trip to Raleigh. Anyone have some other good suggestions for the next time I'm in town??