Steam Restaurant

Okay. I love food. Who doesn't? 

Wilmington has an ever-evolving food scene that has been shaping into something spectacular since my family moved here in the early 2000s. I am continuously amazed at how many restaurants find their way to Wilmington and surprised at how many stay around for a long time. Although some incredible restaurants have faded away,  the bar only continues to rise when new owners take the old spots. 

Even more evolving than our food scene here is the landscape in which it exists. Wilmington, Downtown, in particular, has seen a recent influx of construction in its various neighborhoods (Castle Street Antique District, Brooklyn Arts District, the Northside, etc.) and is projected to grow immensely over the next decade. I have to say, this is an exciting time to be in Wilmington. It's still small enough that local business and community means something, but large enough that events are happening all over that will keep you from becoming bored. 

I had the opportunity to photograph one of the newest spots in Downtown Wilmington: Steam Restaurant inside the brand new Embassy Suites. Situated on the Cape Fear River, this second-floor located gem has views that will make all other restaurants Downtown green with envy. The only other spot I can think that has a view of the river as nice as Steam is Smoke on the River, located in the River Lights development off of River Road (it's FANTASTIC). 

While I have not had the chance to sit down for a full meal, I did get to sample some of the food after it was photographed. Let me tell you this: the food is wonderful. Executive Chef Tyler Powell, who's had successes with a handful of restaurants in Kentucky (Silver Dollar, El Camino, St. Charles Exchange), has crafted a menu that will not disappoint. From local seafood, locally sourced meats, and a house-made focus, the food not only looks great, it tastes great too!

Here are some of my favorites from the photoshoot. I wish Steam the best of luck here in Wilmington! 

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