Portraits with the Cuny - Richardson Family

I was fortunate to photograph an incredibly fun family a couple of weekends ago. They ventured down all the way from Greensboro for a long weekend (with a sweet portrait session planned in the middle of it!). 

We met at one of my favorite places to shoot: Fort Fisher. For those who have not been, it's an incredible beautiful area with access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear RIver. There's also a fun aquarium to check out if you're in town :). 

Here are some photos from our shoot!

Sarah takes on the world

Each year, determined and disciplined students receive recognition for all of their hard work and dedication throughout their schooling. This year, someone very special to me got her recognition. My sister, Sarah, graduated from Cape Fear Community College this past Wednesday. Not only has she earned her Associates in Arts, she has recently earned her CNA certification. This milestone is only one of the amazing things she has and will accomplish. I am so proud of Sarah, and cannot wait to find out what is in store for her moving forward. Below are some pictures from her graduation.