From Downtown to Wrightsville

Wilmington is great. There's always an opportunity to seek out something beautiful. We have a charming historic downtown, incredible beaches, parks, gardens, plantations... everything you could hope for, except mountains. With all of this surrounding us, it's unbelievable how many details we miss. Work, meetings, errands, rehearsals, school, etc. tear us away from the wonderful things around us. I was reminded of everything we take for granted last Sunday. A great friend, Michael, was in town for the week. He's been going to school and working in Australia for the past couple of years, and decided to make Wilmington part of his vacation. We had a great week catching up, visiting other friends, and eating way too much food. We did a fun photoshoot downtown, as well as a sunrise photoshoot in Wrightsville with my mother. The landscape was incredible. The colors were more vibrant than I could have imagined. The atmosphere was inspiring. I loved every moment of that sunrise, and have decided to share some of those photos (as well as some portraits from downtown) with you.

Thanks for looking!