Hi there!

Thank you for taking some time to browse through my photos. I have had an interest in photography for many years...

When I was a kid, I played around with my mom's point & shoot camera and loved it. Growing up in the '90s meant I got to experience digital cameras as they came into fruition, which was pretty awesome. I remember getting my first digital point & shoot... it was pretty special; it was a fixed-lens plastic point & shoot that shot VGA-quality photos. My second? One made my HP that had a whopping 1-megapixel resolution that I got for Christmas in 1999. I loved that thing. I snapped more pictures than you could imagine - of course, they were just snapshots of family, friends, pets, vacations, etc. At that age, 12, I wasn't really thinking about my composition, aperture, or shutter speed. I wasn't worried about working the best lighting or spending time in post-processing to make small details perfect. I was a kid documenting life!

My next upgrade was a to a FujiFilm point and shoot around 2001. This camera, I must say, was my gateway into taking this whole photography thing seriously. Finally, I had a tool that could zoom and let me bring some more creativity into the frame. It was that camera that brought me to devoting half of my senior year of High School doing research on film cameras vs. digital cameras (my "senior project"). Throughout that project, I worked with a mentor who taught me so much and fueled my interest to learn more and become a "real" photographer. I learned how to use an SLR - how to compose a photograph, how to expose it properly, and yes, how to develop film.

After that experience, I got my first "real" digital camera, an entry-level Nikon digital SLR (the D40, if you're wondering). I was in heaven. I learned so much with that camera and grew well beyond my "point & shoot" days. What started out as something fun turned into a passion. (Right now, I use a Nikon D600, if you were wondering.)

I know that's a lot of background information (and super geeky, sorry!), but it shows how a young kid turned something he enjoyed into a profession he loves as an adult. I have been photographing professionally since 2014 and have loved every moment of it. What's been more fun than simply photographing has been the cultivating relationships through the process. I don't simply "shoot" photos for clients; my goal is to learn who my clients are and to work collaboratively so that our visions are aligned from conception through implementation. 

If you are interested in working with me, hiring me for a photo shoot, or just want to chat, fill out the contact form below. 

I am available for headshots, portraits, food & beverage, corporate events, theatre productions, and weddings. 

Headshot packages start at $200| Portrait Sessions start at $285| Theatre Promotion and Production start at $450 | Events start at $650

Getting married? Contact for quotes; they vary based on your needs! Packages range from $1800-3000

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